Equipments & machines


Boosting the properties of materials for tools machines and industrial equipment thanks to Silicon Carbide (SiC) nanopowders

The intrinsic limitations of the materials used in manufacturing of tools machines are outdated thanks to the incorporation of nano SiC in the matrix.

The main improvements of materials in tools machines by integration of Silicon Carbide (SiC) nanopowders are: Improving temperature resistance, chemical and mechanical resistances.

Improving the performances of sealing elements and elastomer joints

Sealing elements, O rings

Used in high performance elastomers (FFKM & FKM), nano SiC significantly improve the

performance of these materials.

Typical elastomers used in semiconductor manufacturing applications must meet the various constraints related to:

  • the plasma used for etching

  • the cost of ownership

  • the purity of products without contamination

The incorporation (<10%) of nano SiC in the elastomer allows:

  • the improvement of the thermal conductivity and the increase of temperature resistance

  • the improvement of chemical resistance

  • to limit the use of 'carbon black' in order to avoid contamination

There are many benefits for customers:

  • Improving semiconductor manufacturing operations

  • Increasing machine availability

  • Extension of mean time before seal's replacement

  • Reduction of machine downtime for seal's replacement

The elastomer seals used in oil and gas drilling applications are also capable of operating under extreme conditions:

  • Heat

  • Aggressive chemical environment (hydrocarbons)

  • High pressure

Cutting tools & equipment parts

Reinforcement of quality of the precision cutting tools and equipment parts

The nano SiC used on precision tools has the peculiarity of producing a polished-mirror surface appearance on all non-ferrous and precious metals. Its exceptional hardness properties (close to the diamond) allow an exceptional quality of machining. Strawberries, surface milling cutters, chisels, drills.

Polishing parts

Improvement of precision polishing

The use of SiC nano powders in the form of slurry opens new perspectives in precision polishing: aerospace optics, precision equipment.