Nanomakers is designer and producer of nano silicon carbide (SiC) and nano silicon (Si) in industrial quantity. Materials booster: Nano Si for doubler energy density of lithium-ion battery; Nano SiC for higher mechanical properties for various materials (elastomers, polymers, metals, ceramics)


Nanomakers develops its partnership through:


The competitiveness clusters:

Astech membre
Mov'eo Imagine mobility
Pôle européen de la Céramique
Materalia - Pôle de compétitivité Matériaux
Elastopôle - Pôle de compétitivité caoutchouc et polymères
Durapole - Cluster éco-tech

The French and European collaboratif projects:

  • Nanoreg II: Horizon 2020/EC Project #646221

  • SAXSize: FUI

  • Project Helios: ANR Project #(DS0201)2016

  • Sirius: EIT

  • BAL2IO: CMI2 (Ambition energy storage)

European Commission - Cordis
NanoReg II
EIT Raw Materials
Project Helios
Projet BAL2io -Winner of Innovation 2030
Projet FUI - SAXSize
Project SIRIUS - EIT Raw Materials

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