Research & Development


New applications

Nanomakers offers R&D support to its customers in the following areas:

  • Adaptation, adjustment of products and integration modes: choice of nanopowders

  • Supporting in implementation of nanopowders: dispersion guideline of nanopowders according to applications

  • Collaboratif projects:

    • batteries Li-ion: Helios, Sirius

    • metallic powders, nanocomposites for additive manufacturing: HIPERCO

  • Bilateral actions with customers:

    • joint developments

    • others confidential applications

New products process

Nanomakers operates an original and generic process for synthesizing different types of nanopowders.


This allows Nanomakers to propose the development of new products such as SiC derived grades, i.e. grades with a silicon (Si) or carbon (C) majority phase in combination with other phases or elements.


Nanomakers can also study the possibility of producing nanoparticles other than those based on silicon (Si) and carbon (C).

Nanomakers works on its R&D products in partnership with: