Nanomakers is designer and producer of nano silicon carbide (SiC) and nano silicon (Si) in industrial quantity. Materials booster: Nano Si for doubler energy density of lithium-ion battery; Nano SiC for higher mechanical properties for various materials (elastomers, polymers, metals, ceramics)

Silicon Carbide SiC Nanoparticles 


Nanomakers Silicon Carbide (SiC) nanoparticles have unique characteristics in terms of homogeneity, purity and customization possibilities. The average grain size as well as their surface chemistry can be adjusted.


They are produced using a robust technology patented by Nanomakers and exploited industrially for many years that has demonstrated its ability to provide supply in industrial quantities .

Nanomakers offering includes the SiC - Standard grade (NM SiC 99) and a range of SiC functionalized (NM SiCΩSi 99 and NM SiCΩC 99). 

SiC - Standard grade

SiC functionalized

It is the high purity grade. Its purity is 99.999 % (5N). It contains less than 1 wt% oxygen.


This grade is designed for high-tech applications in the semiconductor as well as in aeronautics, aerospace, automotive for certain pieces of equipment and structure. It is well suited to polymers resins, composites and metals enhancing,


Available standard sizes:

  • (@ 15nm): please contact us

  • @ 35nm

  • @ 75nm



The grade NM SiC 99 is supplied with a guaranteed low oxygen content (<1% by mass) and some metallic traces.


Product Data Sheet available on request

It's a range of SIC developed by Nanomakers to answer requests from specific applications.


Range of SiC functionalized:

  • NM SiCΩSi 99

This type of functionalization facilitates the dispersion of nano SiC in water-based solvents or polymers.

  • NM SiCΩC 99

This type of fonctionalization reinforces the existing properties of  NM SiC99.

Please contact us for specifications.

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